A Revolutionary Solution to Prevent Eavesdropping

A Revolutionary Solution to Prevent Eavesdropping

The rapid evolution of spying equipment and techniques has resulted in extremely small and wireless devices available on every step. These highly intelligent and compact devices can be hidden in any object around us. Whether you know it or not, eavesdropping is happening. The main question is, how can we protect ourselves from it?

As a leader in digital signage solutions, LG in collaboration with the industry leading wireless security company GITSN delivered the optimal solution for business owners who would like to monitor and protect their business intelligence.

A Revolutionary Solution to Prevent Eavesdropping

The new innovative Eavesdropping Detection Solution is now available on LG webOS signage, providing their users a tool to protect their confidentiality. Eavesdropping Protection Solution compatible with LG’s webOS* meticulously analyses every inch of the space. Cutting-edge technology enables fast and accurate detection of tapping and does not require the help of experts, leading to time and cost savings in security management.

*Available for webOS 4.0 and 4.1


A Revolutionary Solution to Prevent Eavesdropping

With the latest technology from LG Electronics, users will be able to select the level of privacy they want to achieve. There are many ways to protect yourself, and we can help you choose the best option for you and your company. One thing is for certain, LG is stepping it up a notch in making webOS users feel more secure. 

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