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Our range of courses, training methods and IT certifications include the Cyber Security Starter Program, Career Choices, How to get a Job in the APS, Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL, CompTIA, ISTQB, Business Analysis, Project Management and more.
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Discover your path to success with Kirra Services Academy’s diverse range of courses and training programs.

From our Cyber Security Starter Program to Career Choices, and specialised courses in Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL, Project Management, and more, we offer a comprehensive selection to suit your professional aspirations.

At Kirra Services Academy, we take pride in delivering accredited courses and invaluable job insights through our extensive directory. Propel your career to new heights with our training and certification programs, encompassing MSP, Prince 2, Six Sigma, ISO 9001 Quality Management, and beyond. Our nationally recognised certificates from Kirra Services not only validate your skills but also pave the way for unprecedented career growth.

Choose Kirra Services Academy for unparalleled industry expertise, nationally accredited qualifications, and a clear pathway to professional success. Your journey to a thriving career begins here.

IT & Cyber Training

Explore IT and Cyber Security training at Kirra Services Academy, where our programs cater to both aspiring professionals and seasoned experts.

Our courses are tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals embarking on their career journey or seeking to elevate their existing skills.

If you possess the expertise but lack formal certification, Kirra Services is your bridge to validation, ensuring your capabilities align with industry-recognised standards.

Benefit from the guidance of our seasoned instructors and industry experts, who bring practical insights and real-world experience to our training environment. Adopting a holistic approach, we go beyond theory to equip you with the practical skills needed to thrive in the ever-evolving IT and Cyber Security landscape.

Elevate your potential with Kirra Services Academy, where training seamlessly meets industry relevance and certification merges with expertise.


Cyber Career Starter Program

This unique program consists of industry recognised certifications, delivered via weekly virtual classroom or at participants own pace.

To complement this, Kirra Services is committed to providing learning support and mentoring to ensure all participants can achieve their individual learning goals. We achieve this using innovative technologies such as virtual classrooms, labs, and interactive simulations, supported by tutoring and mentoring systems this allows our students to engage with course material in a truly interactive and immersive way.

Kirra Services has a network of committed industry partners, who are willing to provide on the job training, through intern programs and hands on experience. This ensures that our graduates have a wide variety of skills to help them succeed in the workforce with confidence.

  – Workplace skills training
  – ICT Security and Networking Fundamentals – Cybersecurity
  – CISCO Junior Cybersecurity Analyst, ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity, Microsoft Azure, RedHat Certifications and more
  – Learning support and mentoring from industry experts
  – Access to Career coaching & professional development, including recruitment services
  – 8 Week intern program- with leading industry professionals
  – Ongoing access to industry & vendor training

For course dates and costs you can reach us at –

Tailored Training Plans

Allow the experts at Kirra Services to guide you through a meticulously crafted course, individually designed, specifically to enhance your skills and validate your existing experience.

Our comprehensive selection includes industry-certified courses and vendor training, ensuring you have access to top-notch resources.

At Kirra Services, we pride ourselves on creating personalised training plans that are uniquely tailored to your needs, propelling you to new heights in your professional journey.

Some of our courses include:
  – Certified Ethical Hacker from EC Council
  – CompTIA Cyber Analyst (CySA+)
  – Fortinet technical training
  – RedHat
  – Microsoft Azure

Contact us at to talk about your options.



Navigate your career journey with the guidance of Kirra Services. Allow our expert career coaches to assist you in discovering the ideal path for your professional aspirations. Whether you’re aiming to kickstart your dream job or redefine your career trajectory, our tailored courses are crafted to support your goals and propel you to the next level.
If your ambition lies in joining the Australian Public Service, let us be your partner in decoding the process and securing a fulfilling career. At Kirra Services, we are dedicated to helping you unlock your potential and pave the way for a successful and rewarding professional journey.


Career Kickstarter – exploring possibilities

Explore various career possibilities with our concise 2-hour taster course. Gain insights into the diverse landscape of career options, discover effective ways to identify your interests, and learn how to translate those interests into a fulfilling career. 

Acquire valuable tips and tricks for job applications and get introduced to additional courses that can further enhance your professional journey. 

This brief yet comprehensive session provides a glimpse into the vast world of careers, helping you make informed decisions and kickstart your path to a meaningful and rewarding future.

For course dates and costs you can reach us at –

Career Choices – finding the right job for you

Navigating Career Choices – Embarking on a new career journey or seeking to redefine your professional path?

Unlock valuable insights through our comprehensive programs:
  – Public Service vs. Private Sector: Delve into the nuances of each sector to make an informed decision aligning with your aspirations.
  – Job Application Mastery: Break the cycle of applying without results. Gain insights from seasoned experts on crafting compelling applications that grab attention.
  – Exploring New Avenues: If you’re yearning for a change, explore alternative career paths with guidance from experienced facilitators.

What’s in Store for You:

  – Immersive In-Person Training: Engage in a full day of intensive training led by accomplished facilitators boasting extensive backgrounds in career coaching, business leadership, and job skills preparation.
  – Participant Workbook: Receive a comprehensive workbook equipped with practical, proven strategies. This invaluable resource will empower you to apply acquired knowledge and meticulously prepare for your desired job.
  – Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals and industry professionals during the event, fostering valuable connections for future collaborations and insights.
  – VIP Access to Specialised Recruiters: Elevate your job search with exclusive access to our network of specialised recruiters, opening doors to unique opportunities tailored to your skills and aspirations.

Embark on a transformative journey toward a fulfilling career with our program, designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to make confident and strategic career decisions.

For course dates and costs you can reach us at –

Australian Public Service Careers – a comprehensive job search approach to securing your future

Are you frustrated by the lack of traction in your APS job applications, struggling to secure interviews or job offers? Aspire to elevate your APS career, whether through a promotion or an at-level move?

Here’s what our program offers:

  – Intensive Two-Day Training: Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience with two days of in-person training. Our facilitators, have over 10 years of expertise in career coaching and job skills preparation, will guide you through the intricacies of APS career advancement.
  – Comprehensive Participant Workbook: Receive a detailed participant workbook packed with practical, proven strategies. This resource empowers you to apply newfound knowledge effectively, facilitating your journey toward the job you desire.
  – Networking Opportunities: Engage in valuable networking opportunities during the program, connecting with peers and industry professionals. Additionally, enjoy VIP access to our network of specialised recruiters, providing a unique edge to your job search.
  – 1:1 Coaching: Benefit from one hour of individualised coaching to refine your approach and address specific career challenges.
  – Thoughtfully Spaced Sessions: allowing time for practical exercises between sessions. This structured approach ensures that you not only absorb key concepts but also apply them in real-world scenarios.
Embark on a transformative journey to overcome job application hurdles and chart a strategic course for your APS career growth. Let our program equip you with the skills and insights needed to thrive in the competitive APS landscape.

For course dates and costs you can reach us at –




Considering the average employee spends approximately 90,000 hours at work throughout their lifetime, the significance of one’s career on overall well-being becomes evident. If you find yourself discontent in your current job or demoralised due to job rejections and unemployment, coaching could be the transformative solution you need. A skilled coach can collaborate with you, offering support to gain clarity, build confidence, and navigate decision-making processes crucial for initiating or advancing your career.

Our coaching services aim to personalise the experience for you. Our dedicated coaches will engage in discussions to understand your career aspirations, tailoring the coaching process to suit your unique needs. Coaching encompasses a variety of approaches, and our commitment is to work closely with you to identify the most suitable coach who aligns with your objectives. Invest in your professional development and well-being by exploring the possibilities coaching can offer in steering your career towards success and fulfillment.

Individual skill uplift coaching
Tailored specifically to you, this coaching program revolves around identifying strategies that suit your unique needs and ambitions. Allow the coach to create a supportive environment for you to delve into your desires and explore the pathways to achieve them. Together, we aim to discover ways for you to cultivate deeper expertise and mastery in the areas that truly resonate with your aspirations. Through this process, you’ll gain insights into how you can refine your skills, enabling you to pursue and excel in activities that align with your genuine interests and goals.

Performance coaching
Performance coaching offers a chance to improve how you work. It helps you see your job differently and find better ways to do tasks. The coach guides you in thinking creatively and efficiently. You’ll explore alternative methods and challenge the usual way of doing things, unlocking hidden potential in your role.
Through conversations and problem-solving, you’ll discover new approaches to enhance your performance and productivity. Performance coaching isn’t just about solving problems; it encourages a mindset of always getting better. It empowers you to actively seek opportunities for growth and innovation in your job. With a fresh perspective, you can boost job satisfaction, effectiveness, and find renewed professional fulfillment.

Executive Coaching
Executive coaching creates a supportive space for reflection and growth. It focuses on understanding your strengths, evaluating how others see your leadership, and clarifying current goals. Think of it as having a dedicated ally who helps you explore your leadership style and professional dynamics collaboratively.

Going beyond self-awareness, executive coaching translates insights into actionable strategies. It ensures your goals are clear and aligned with your vision. The coach works with you to outline effective action steps, turning aspirations into achievable milestones.
This coaching isn’t a one-size-fits-all; it’s tailored to your needs. The coach guides candid discussions, aiding in strategic decisions. Ultimately, executive coaching aims for leadership excellence, providing tools to navigate challenges, inspire teams, and achieve success in the evolving realm of executive leadership.


Professional Training

At Kirra Services, we specialise in providing you with the essential tools and knowledge to excel in today’s dynamic business landscape.
We offer a comprehensive range of project, IT and business management courses, as well as other leading industry recognised training. Our mission is to equip you with the fundamental skills and strategies needed to excel.


Prince2 Certification – Project Management
Embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a highly skilled project manager through our PRINCE2 – Agile Foundation & Practitioner courses, based on the acclaimed PRINCE2 6th Edition. Our meticulously crafted programs provide an in-depth exploration of the core principles and methodologies of PRINCE2, propelling you towards project management excellence.

The Foundation Course serves as the cornerstone, offering a robust understanding of the fundamentals essential for effective project management. While the Practitioner Course elevates your skills to a new level, enabling you to adeptly apply PRINCE2 concepts in real-world scenarios.

Whether you’re a novice entering the realm of project management or an experienced professional seeking to enhance your capabilities, our courses cater to individuals at every stage of their career. Join Kirra Services and equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence necessary to navigate the intricacies of modern project management successfully.

Flexibility is key to our approach, and we understand the demands of your schedule. With options for in-person delivery and flexible scheduling, our courses are designed to work around you. You have the freedom to choose either course separately or complete both units over a week or weekends, ensuring a personalized and convenient learning experience.

For course dates and costs you can reach us at –

ITIL4 Foundation
Elevate your proficiency in IT management through ITIL Certification with Kirra Services, recognizing the pivotal role IT plays in today’s dynamic business landscape. Our mission is to empower IT professionals with the knowledge and skills essential for driving superior service timelines and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Embark on your journey toward IT service excellence with our ITIL4 Foundation Certification. This comprehensive program delves into the core principles and best practices of the ITIL framework, guiding you toward enhancing service visibility and flexibility. Lay the foundation for improved IT service management that aligns seamlessly with organisational goals.

Tailored for IT Professionals, service management practitioners, and individuals involved in delivering and supporting IT services, the ITIL 4 Foundation course is your gateway to mastering the latest advancements in IT service excellence. Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned practitioner, our courses provide the knowledge and tools needed for success in the evolving landscape of IT services.

For course dates and costs you can reach us at –

MSP (Managing Successful Programmes)
Discover the power of MSP, 5th edition, an established best practice program management framework delivered through Kirra Services. This framework is meticulously designed to align programs and projects with organisational strategy, fostering enterprise agility while focusing on delivering outcomes of benefit, mitigating risks, and actively engaging stakeholders.

MSP unfolds as a comprehensive set of principles, themes, and processes, providing a clear roadmap for the entire program lifecycle. Ideal for handling larger, more strategic, complex, or multiple projects, MSP serves as a guiding beacon for effective program management.

Acquire the fundamentals of the MSP framework, empowering you to seamlessly integrate MSP principles into your day-to-day work practices. Lay the groundwork for a strong foundation in program management excellence. Building upon MSP Foundation, the Practitioner level equips you with analytical tools to think strategically, transforming you into a successful program manager capable of navigating complexities with precision and foresight.

At Kirra Services, our MSP certification programs provide not only theoretical knowledge but also practical insights, ensuring that you can apply your learnings effectively in real-world scenarios. Elevate your program management skills with Kirra Services as your trusted partner in professional development.

For course dates and costs you can reach us at –

Additional training
We also offer the following additional training:
  – P30 Foundation & Practitioner
  – ITIL Strategic Leader (ITSM)
  – Professional Scrum Master (SCRUM.ORG)
  – Professional Scrum Project Owner (SCRUM.ORG)
  – Six Sigma Green Belt (Process Improvements)
  – CBAP (Business Analysis) from BCS
  – MoR (Risk Management) – Foundation & Practitioner
  – ISTQB, Change Management
  – ISO 9001 Quality Management Trainings

Please contact us for course dates and delivery options to suit your needs

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