Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Specialist Domestic Violence Outreach Support Worker (identified role)
19th June, 2024

The position provides intensive prevention and intervention outreach support for Aboriginal and or Torres strait Islander women who have not accessed accommodation services with a refuge service but are still living with the impacts of domestic/family violence and child protection issues.


The role will utilise case management practices and principles within a feminist, trauma-informed framework.


A flexible and responsive case management approach in accordance with SAAP guidelines and principles is taken on a one-to-one basis to women and children to assist in resolving or averting a potential crisis and increasing safety.

This support aims to increase self-reliance and independence


Fixed contract part-time 32 hours p/wk (4 days)


Remuneration: Staring at ACT MEA Level 6.1 (opportunity to progress to 6.3)