Azure Automation Engineer (DevOps)
24th May, 2023

Must be an Australian citizen


You will have a sound understanding of cloud architecture and services and are responsible for providing expert advice with regards to Azure implementations.


This role is:

  • a technical, services-orientated role that collaborates closely with architects, developers, and on-premises operations staff.
  • responsible for automating and supporting Azure testing, development, administration, and maintenance.



  • Identify and automate manual processes for new systems and products.
  • Maintain existing integration and delivery pipelines, ensuring processes are standardised and reused.
  • Provide Infrastructure as Code (IaC) support to all development and production environments.
  • Maintain, configure and develop dynamic containerised environments in support of development and production.  This ranges from greenfield serverless environments to full stack brownfield environments.
  • Reduce the time it takes to build, deploy, and configure software to all environments.
  • Joint owner of all development and release tooling, processes and architecture.
  • Assists in developing application monitoring solutions across cloud and on-prem solutions.
  • Work with development and operations teams to offer automation as a service across domains, products and services.
  • Document processes and work on handover materials for other IT staff.


Technical Skills (Experience and/or clear understanding)


Application architecture, application lifecycle management (ALM), Azure cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and FaaS), cloud disaster recovery, cloud storage, cloud systems management and operations, cloud migration, compliance (GDPR, Privacy Act, PSPF, ISM, etc.), data migration (cross platform / upgrade), containerisation, container orchestration, resiliency (clustering, etc.), scalability (up and out, high performance), database and server virtualization, DevOps, diagnostics and monitoring, modern application architecture, package management (npm, NuGet, OneGet, etc.), performance tuning, reporting services, desired state configuration, RESTful services, security architecture, security compliance, source code repository (git, TFS, svn, etc.), technology architecture, testing (TDD), unstructured data formats (e.g. JSON, YAML).




  • Azure DevOps, Docker, GitHub, Virtualisation, Web services, REST, Gateways and Proxies, API Gateways, DNS, CloudFlare, Azure Resource Manager, Application Insights.

Highly Desirable – Splunk, Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker Compose

Programming/Scripting languages  PowerShell, familiarity with .Net (C#, VB.Net), ARM templates, YAML pipelines.

Platforms – Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian), Windows

Non-Technical Skills   – Collaboration, problem solving, conceptual thinking, architecture design, good communication skills.


Non-Specific Technical Experience


  • Experience coordinating and executing prototypes or proof of concepts.
  • Experience documenting and discussing technical best practices both conceptually and prescriptively.
  • Experience building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines for large projects relative to size of the organisation.
  • Experience managing configuration and state using DevOps tooling and scripting languages
  • Experience coordinating lift and shift (on-premises to cloud) operations either as part of a pipeline, migration or upgrade.
  • Experience triaging technical issues and responding to ICT incidents/outages.
  • Experience managing source code repositories.
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