Business Analyst Positions
3rd March, 2024
Must have Baseline Security clearance.


The Business Analyst positions are required to undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Acquire a working knowledge of NBA systems and processes in a timely fashion;
  • Develop and shape business requirements to ensure alignment between business expectations and current and planned ICT capabilities;
  • Participate in solution discussions and propose and evaluate solution options;
  • Work with technical subject matter expects to ensure business requirements are satisfied in line with NBA’s ICT architecture, security and maintenance practices;
  • Provide a business perspective into the strategic direction of technology investments to assist in the delivery of the ICT Strategy and maximise the return on investment;
  • Interact professionally and efficiently with diverse groups of stakeholders;
  • Showcase system functionality to business owners at regular intervals;
  • Support team members and work collaboratively to achieve the team’s goals;
  • Work with business owners to maintain the backlog of user stories; and
  • Identify risks and issues in the project and highlight them to the project manager in a timely fashion.
  • Work in an agile environment and actively participates, leads and performs work to the documented sprint cycles.
Essential criteria

1. Technical competence • Demonstrates the right skills and experience, a good understanding of the requirements and works in an agile way. • Technical competence is also assessed by reviewing the candidates resume against the requirements of the position.

2. Experience • Demonstrated previous experience in a similar role • Delivers on intended results and outcomes

3. Capability • Availability and capacity to undertake the role • Ability to develop and contribute to innovative solutions • Candidate demonstrates ability to make decisions, involves others as appropriate, demonstrates ability to resolve issues

4. Cultural fit • How well the candidate will work in the organisation. • Candidate’s values and behaviour are similar to the organisations.

5. Value for money • Why the proposed candidate/s represents good value for money.

You can’t apply as it’s expired.