Certificate Authority & Public Key Infrastructure (CA & PKI) Specialists
6th October, 2023

Negative Vetting 1 (NV1) is essential.


The company has an ongoing requirement to deliver secure digital capabilities and platforms to enable client, intermediaries, and machine-to-machine environment bonding, and as such requires ongoing support services from KeyFactor for the EJBCA software as per the scope below.



• I02 security installation

• support enhancements to PKI

• maintain Enterprise PKI system availability, investigate, resolve, and report on defects

• provide specialist advice on Gatekeeper and TDIF policy areas

• knowledge transfer onsite training, delivery of knowledge-based articles

• Ongoing support services for the EJBCA/PKI software to service the following requirements in-life:

– Manage PKI in-life

– Install/maintain Enterprise PKI system including incident investigations, resolve and report on defects and/or a   material change in application health/performance

– Maintain the integration PKI with existing HSM systems 

– Produce production configuration settings and   deployment guides

– Support transition to cloud planning and hardware end of life roadmap/s

– Manage certificates

– Provide maintenance and operation services 24×7  

• Support ongoing enhancements to the PKI solution including future state architecture

• Provide specialist advice on Gatekeeper and TDIF policy

• Maintain MSOT/DSOT audits

• Support patching updates as required for myGovID and RAM/M2M for operational/maintenance BAU and Zero Day Security patching for current deployed version/s (Enterprise) of KeyFactor EJBCA software

• Delivery of PKI systems, myGovID, M2M/RAM & BAM for functional and non- functional requirements

• Support for existing SDKs solution and application


Essential Criteria

Demonstrated experience, knowledge, and qualifications in:
• PKI and KeyFactor EJBCA software
• Software skillsets in Java, Python, vRA, Terraform and Ansible

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