Change Manager
1st February, 2023

TSPV clearance required. Must be an Australian Citizen. 


Essential Criteria:

  • Experience in the Intelligence community.
  • Candidate needs to be fully familiar with recognised industry bodies of knowledge both generic and specific. Actively seeks out new knowledge for own personal development and the mentoring or coaching of others.
    Develops a wider breadth of knowledge across the industry or business. Applies knowledge to help to define the standards which others will apply.
  • CIPM 5 experience: 
    Creating the business readiness plan, taking into consideration IT deployment, data migration, capability deployment (training and engagement activities) and any business activities required to integrate new digital processes or jobs into the “business as usual” environment. Assisting the user community in the provision of transition support and change planning, and liaising with the project team. Monitoring and reporting progress on business readiness targets, business engagement activity, training design and deployment activities, key operational metrics and return to productivity measures.
You can’t apply as it’s expired.