Change Manager
5th May, 2023

Security clearance Police Check MUST be provided (if shortlisted as suitable)



Duties will include, but are not limited to:


  • Identify and analyse of stakeholders likely to be impacted by change
  • Determine the scope and impacts of business change, including development of business impact assessments
  • Conduct and facilitate change planning sessions, documenting outcomes and recommendations
  • Prepare vendor supplied training materials
  • Assess and facilitate business readiness
  • Provide change support through activities such as: communications, training and development, leadership support, stakeholder engagement and transition to BAU
  • Draft of communications and change plans, including scheduled deliverables for approval by the project board, executive or other stakeholders as required
  • Implementation of Communications and Change Management plans


Essential criteria

  1. Candidates MUST have experience
    1. in planning and conducting workplace and IT organisational change in Commonwealth organisations and programs, including multi-divisional change in smaller organisations (sub 500 staff)
    2. facilitating change planning, including stakeholder identification, business impact analysis, change management planning and reporting
    3. exceptional communication skills and attention to detail with the development of both internal and external communications
    4. strong negotiation and influencing skills with the ability to develop strong relationships with peers, operational teams and executive management
    5. ability to quickly upskill to work with new or changing IT systems and apply their relationship to business change events


Desirable criteria

  1. The candidate SHOULD have experience
    1. delivering change activities related to incident, emergency or first responder management
    2. developing and delivering Corporate communications for Commonwealth departments


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