Cyber Security Engineer
25th May, 2023

Must be able to obtain Negative Vetting Level 1


The department requires an experienced cyber security engineer to assist with the following deliverables:

  1. Develop and maintain of SIEM alerts and dashboards to aid with threat detection.
  2. Work with Security Analysts to understand, develop and maintain automatic detection and response capabilities using available SOAR capabilities.
  3. Utilise available threat intelligence to enrich alerts.
  4. Develop and maintain team SOPs and playbooks for SIEM management and configuration, including, alert exclusions and alert tuning.
  5. Assist with the upkeep of the SecOps environment where needed.

Essential criteria

  1. Demonstrated experience managing/maintaining logging and SIEM technologies
  2. Demonstrated knowledge of cyber security principles and processes in a defensive context
  3. Demonstrated ability to develop alerting rules and dashboards to assist with threat detection and incident response.
  4. Ability to learn and understand how the operating environment functions normally and effectively identify anomalies when they occur
  5. Demonstrated experience with development practices and DevOps pipelines.

Desirable criteria

  1. Experience with Azure Sentinel, Kusto Query Language (KQL) and Azure logging mechanisms
  2. Experience with Microsoft’s suite of security tools, including Azure Security Centre, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft ‘Defender for’ tools (Endpoint, Identity, etc.)
  3. Experience managing a Windows environment, including patching, Active Directory and Group Policy management.
  4. Experience utilising threat intelligence services and tools such as MISP to enrich data and alerts that originate from SIEM and logging tools such as Syslog-ng


You can’t apply as it’s expired.