Desktop Services Engineer
18th September, 2023


Negative Vetting 1 security clearance

NAA pre-employment vetting process prior to commencement


The company is seeking to fill a role that will involve the packaging of apps, patching operating systems and applications, and troubleshooting and resolving technical issues associated with laptops and desktop computers. 

 The successful candidate must have demonstrated skills and experience in the implementation and maintenance of Information Security Manual Essential 8 controls, as they will be required to keep end user devices at agreed E8 maturity levels. 


The preferred candidate needs to have skills and experience with:

  • Microsoft InTune 
  • Microsoft SCCM
  • ZScaler 
  • Windows Operating Systems
  • Office 365 / Office 2021
  • Level 2/3 support for end user devices


Essential criteria

1. Demonstrated skills and experience with implementing and maintaining ISM Essential 8 maturity levels across end user devices (laptops, desktop computers)

2. Demonstrated skills and experience with Microsoft InTune and SCCM

3. Experience providing level 2/3 support for Microsoft operating systems and Office 365/Office 2021.

4. Proven ability to work as a member of a small team, under limited direction.
Desirable criteria
Skills and experience administering ZScaler would be highly desirable.

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