DOS – User Research
19th October, 2022
Must be able to obtain Baseline

Location of work – ACT, NSW, QLD, SA
Key Tasks and Duties may include some or all the following:
• Design, plan and undertake user research and usability testing based on best practice
and user research frameworks.
• Contribute to and support the delivery of user research, testing and co-design activities
to deliver innovative simple outcomes and improvements to stakeholder and user
• Develop and support the team to develop research and testing artefacts, including
proposals, reports, personas, and journey maps.
• Facilitate and support user research and testing interviews and discussions with users
to gain critical information required to improve the digital user experience and validate
designs with users.
• Analyse and synthesise insights and findings to understand user behaviours, needs and
motivations leading to the creation of insights and opportunities for improvement of the
digital platform.
• Transform insights and findings into impactful and actionable artefacts across a variety
of formats to inform decision-making and make recommendations to inform design
• Build rapport, collaborate, and communicate with influence internally and across
government to support the agency’s transformation agenda.
• Support the broader team in capability development in user research and usability
Mandatory Criteria
  1. Minimum 2 years’ experience in leading research and/or usability testing, including
    various research methodology and mediums.
  2. Experience in testing varying degrees of fidelity prototypes to elicit behaviour and
    sentiments from users.
  3. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in using User-Centric Design methodology,
    processes, and techniques to inform digital solutions.
  4. Demonstrated ability to develop and execute detailed research plans including
    analysis and development of reports with short lead times.
  5. Possess experience working in an Agile environment within Government or similar
    larger organisations