Early Professional Hire – IBM Systems Expert Labs Associate Delivery Consultant
2nd July, 2024

As an IT Specialist, the role involves providing specialised services. The IBM Systems Expert Lab Services Delivery Consultant is a highly skilled IBM Systems Expert with a deep knowledge of IBM’s Storage Software portfolio, IBM Power Systems portfolio, or IBM Mainframe portfolio and hardware products.


• The IBM Systems Expert Lab Services consultant assumes overall technical responsibility for the success of solution construction, implementation and system integration.

• Deliver complex high-quality solutions to clients in response to varying business requirements

• Develop deep skill and strong hands on skills in IBM Systems including: IBM Storage, IBM Power Systems, or IBM Mainframe. 





Will develop deep technical skills and experience in solutions that support the key focus areas for the team.

Provide technical IBM Systems Expertise for the Client engagements and responsible for designing and deploying the solution.

Collaborate with the technical consultants across other Geos to create new assets

Conduct IBM Systems Expert Lab Sessions / workshops on Focus Areas 

Assist in delivery of PoCs for clients and other IBM Teams if requested