ICT Desk-Side Support Officer – Level 2
29th November, 2022

Must have a Baseline clearance. 


The successful candidate/s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Work with the DesktopOne Program to ensure successful client transition with software and hardware rollouts
  • Be the first level of leadership for the Level 1 ICT Desk-Side Support Officers.
  • Steward the Level 1 ICT Desk-Side Support Officers to monitor and manage the contact of clients and triage incoming client calls, messages, and incidents across multiple channels.
  • Ensure Level 1 ICT Desk-Side Support Officers attend client desks and effectively identify technical issues, resolve and/or escalate as needed, to support the new operating environment.
  • Ensure team incidents are assigned and managed efficiently and effectively, with all tasks being resolved in a timely manner with customer service and client outcomes being paramount.
  • Be the central point-of-contact for both Level 1 ICT Desk-Side Support Officers and clients by displaying a high‑level of interpersonal skills and an ability to liaise effectively with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Monitor and manage the development of Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs), raising of SM9 (Service Manager 9), service management system, incident tickets and the maintenance of asset and information systems.
  • Monitor and action both interactions and alerts from the service management system (ie., SM9) and any other related systems or communication channels.
  • Work in a close-knit team with the Level 1 ICT Desk-Side Support Officers, a Floorwalking Team Lead and Program Manager
  • Contribute and be both a proactive and effective team member
  • Contribute to knowledge transfer.
You can’t apply as it’s expired.