ICT Strategy and Roadmap Review
10th October, 2022

ICT Strategy and Roadmap Review (DM-16013)

Now seeking support from a market partner to conduct a year-in-review of the ICT Strategy and Roadmap to answer the following questions:

– where are we currently and what have we achieved?

– are we on track?

– is the ICT strategy roadmap and prioritisation still valid?

Essential criteria

  1. Capability. The seller must be able to review current state documentation and conduct interviews with ACCC staff to enable discovery of our current state in relation to meeting the elements of the ICT strategy.
  2. Capacity – Resourcing Requirements The seller needs to provide suitable resources to enable delivery of the final report within six weeks of signing the contract.
  3. Compliance – Security and Governance Requirements The successful tenderer must adhere to the following controls for this project: • Access to all documents must be limited to approved project staff • Access to the documents must logged and audit information made available to the ACCC on request • Provide details of Australian Government security clearances on request • Remove all ACCC documents from their systems at the conclusion of the project




You can’t apply as it’s expired.