Intergrated Leadership Support
10th July, 2023



Qualifications and Experience

·       Bachelor degree or equivalent in Supply Chain or Logistics, Commerce, ICT, or a related discipline.

·       Certification in Project Management

·       Certified SAFe® Practitioner (can be completed upon engagement).



·       Qualification(s) in Project Management, Quality Management, Change Management or Training and Assessment.

·       Experience in Cyber Security.


·       Logistics Leadership / Management.

·       Team Leadership and Mentoring

·       Experience providing data analysis to enable strategic outcomes

·       ASDEFCON or Engineer/ILS Artefact Development.

·       Experience operating within a Defence Systems Program Office or similar construct.

·       Complex Stakeholder Engagement.


·       Personnel Management Experience.

·       Workflow Management Experience

·       Process Design and Development.

·       Warehousing / PHS&T Experience.

·       Software Procurement and Maintenance Experience.

Responsibilities·       Work collaboratively with the Business Management Office (BMO), Product Lines, Engineering Support and Cyber Exercise Team (CET) to provide ILS functional services.

·       Act as the primary conduit between BMO and PST, to monitor and track performance of hardware and software procurement.

·       Hold regular meetings with all BMO procurement team, Product Teams, Engineering Support and CET.

·       Uplift ILS documentation to reflect the product baselines, internal supply and support processes.

·       Problem solve to ensure that ILS tasks are completed effectively in a timely manner, and if needed escalation to Management.

·       Proactively manage the PST planner board and ensure that it remains current and reflects accurate task status.

·       Assist the ILS Manager in project logistics planning and sustainment activities in accordance with extant customer policy and procedures.

·       Assist in the identification of potential improvements and integrate into ILS workflows.

·       Document ILS Procedures (Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS), Work Instructions (WI), BLIs).

·       Assist with the creation and facilitation of communication, correspondence and inter and intra team meetings.

·       Provide the day-to-day technical support, training and advice.

·       Participate in QMR (Product Management Forum (PMF), CCBs and Material System Reviews (MSRs)) to ensure all ILS engineering requirements are captured for all product design changes.

·       Undertake Software and Hardware Asset Management duties, as required; including updates to the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and relevant Asset Management Systems.

·       Ensure that standard configuration activities such as bulk loads, auditing and validation checks are done on a regular basis.

·       Provide prompt technical solutions to support staff and identify escalation requirements.

·       Configure, operate and maintain Microsoft 365 Suite (VERA – SharePoint, Planner).

·       Conduct and support stakeholder and Vendor Engagement.

·       Analyse, refine and improve the Interim Support System Capability.

·       Provide reporting on the Support Portal activity and performance in response to ILS support requests.

Security Clearance·       The ability to obtain and maintain an Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) NV1 security clearance or higher.

·       Must be an Australian citizen or security cleared FVEY citizen.




Key AreaKey GoalsKey Accountabilities
CommunicationFoster a highly collaborative work environment across the team and the broader DCO community·       Acts reasonably, honestly, respectfully, courteously, in good faith, and in a coordinated and effective manner in performing obligations and exercising rights

·       Demonstrate Integrity, Honesty and Collegiate Behaviours – be willing to challenge accepted dogma and business practices that impede the Mission

·       Be forthright – have a bias for action and decision

·       Acts with care and diligence in performing obligations

·       Performs obligations in a fair and impartial manner that facilitates the achievement of the objectives and is consistent with the best interests of the Commonwealth

·       Work with the team members to resolve communication, performance or service issues

·       Liaise with the team members and the broader integrated program team to minimise risks, issues and problems

Documentation and ArtefactsPlan, manage and support the timely development of team documentation and artefacts·       Provide Product Management services

·       Provide drafting and review services necessary for team documentation and artefacts

·       Build and maintain strong relationships to facilitate effective day to-day interactions with internal and external stakeholders including effective engagement with staff

ReportingDevelop, contribute and maintain accurate reports and records


·       Actively monitor and report regularly on the delivery of Product Line responsibilities (documentation and artefacts)

·       Provide relevant input to standard reports, and develop new reports as required

·       Ensure currency and accuracy of necessary reports and records

·       Provide in-time and by exception reporting to support the decision and direction of the PdM

·       Proactively report risks and opportunities

Professionalisation and DevelopmentFoster a highly productive team focused on continual improvement and increased capability·       Provide support, coaching, advice and guidance to team members

·       Identify and recommend opportunities for professional development of team members

·       Shares knowledge with team members and the broader DCO community

One Team CultureAdhere to COSPO One Team, One Vision·       Model the One Team Behaviours of collaboration, open communication and trust

·       Support the Vision – to be a government leader for rapid and agile information capability acquisition and sustainment

·       Maintain compliance with the Probity Framework


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