IT Support System Administrator Specialist
3rd August, 2022

Must have NV1


Responsibilities include:

  1. Design and deployment of IT hardware, software and services as required.
  2. Account provision and general IT product support.
  3. Provide ad hoc technical advice and troubleshooting for end users
  4. Contribute to essential 8 compliance and security certification/accreditation related activities
  5. Systems documentation
  6. System Administration
  7. Communications Room/Desk Patching.
  8. Printer management.
  9. Laptop management (Imaging, patching, managing asset loan registers, help with other laptop issues)


Required skillsets include:

IT experience (software, hardware, network infrastructure)

Ability to design and maintain IT system solutions

Ability to provide day-to-day support to technical and end users

Network administration (Switches and firewalls)

Network Security skills

Linux and Windows OS and server administration skills

System administration

Laptop Management (WDS and imaging skills)

Good understanding of the ISM and ACSC’s “Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents”


First Nations peoples are encouraged to apply.

Submit your experience and skills aligned to the required skillsets.