11.10-Knowledgebase Author
29th September, 2022

Must be able to obtain Baseline clearance.


The Branch is committed to building the agency’s information technology capability by providing resilient, modern, and secure systems informed by data and insights, and to upskill teams to develop innovative new products and services.

The Branch delivers a range of ICT services to the agency including infrastructure, application development and digital communications. ICT services are delivered through a select sourcing model, with a mixture of in-house and outsourced resources. 


Key Personnel Expertise

• Understand the application of the ITIL framework and its relationship with service and knowledge management.
• Understand applying service and knowledge management practices across an organisation and within a knowledgebase.
• Knowledge and experience in documenting service desk support artefacts and tools for clients, and maintaining a knowledgebase.
• Knowledge and experience in successfully setting priorities and delivering quality results on time.
• Proven ability to communicate effectively whilst responding to stakeholder needs and expectations across a geographically dispersed network.
• Proven analytical abilities with the ability to facilitate change and contribute to business improvement strategies.
• Demonstrated personal integrity whilst achieving results within legislative and policy parameters.

• Minimum 3 years experience in service desk support, knowledgebase development, or similar.