Land Integration Framework – Digital (LIF-D) SME
12th March, 2024
Must have Negative Vetting Level 1 Security clearance.
The department requires the services of a Land Integration Framework – Digital Subject Matter Expert (LIF-D SME) to supplement the contractor workforce.
The successful candidate will be expected to perform the following Deliverables:
  1. Provide written technical advice to organisational representatives.
  2. Generate detailed technical implementation design and solution documentation, deliver presentations on this documentation to the senior SMEs, and support workshops to incorporate this work as part of future design.
  3. Develop and present formal technical proposals in support of the integration/technical SME staff.
  4. Generate formal integration advice to programs on all areas of the department’s Capability Model post reviews. 
  5. Draft Integration Certificates and present details to the Executive for endorsement 
  6. As required, provide summary details of integration forums and interaction.
  7. Contribute to the development of the Body of Knowledge.
  8. Collaborate with staff and external stakeholders to contribute to development and maintenance.
  9. Propose innovation activities to assess emerging technologies that may support a ‘future ready’ system.
  10. Coordinate and lead stakeholder engagement forums in support of integration/technical SME staff.
  11. Undertake additional related tasks as directed.


Mandatory Criteria

  1. Demonstrated experience and / or relevant tertiary qualifications Eg: Science, Engineering or IT qualifications.
  2. Demonstrated qualifications or specialist experience with one or more of the following skillsets:
    1. Networking – Design, Implementation, and assessment of networked systems within either tactical or enterprise environments.
    2. C4 Software – Experience with implementation, configuration, assessment, and extensions of military C4 system and software.
    3. Tactical Data Links – Detailed knowledge and implementation details of TADL formats and protocols and ability to analyse and assess vendor implementations of these formats.
    4. Enterprise Architecture – Design, implementation, and assessment of CIOG accredited systems.
    5. Distributed Systems – Experience with distributed system design, implementation, and assessment.
    6. Tactical Networking Bearers and Waveforms – Experience with the design, implementation, and analysis of tactical networking bearers, radio RF design, waveform design, and integration.
    7. Strategic Networking Bearers and Waveforms – Experience with the design, implementation, and analysis of strategic networking bearers (SATCOM, MUOS, etc), associated modems and equipment, waveform design, and integration.
    8. Software Design and Management – Detailed experience with the design, programming knowledge, analysis, and assessment of large software systems.
    9. Autonomous Systems – Detailed experience with the design, implementation, and assessment of autonomous military platforms and the software/hardware required for integration into a military force.
    10. AS GxA Experience – Detailed knowledge and experience with the AS GxA standards: AS Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA), AS Land Data Model (LDM), and Vehicle Standard Operating Environment (VSOE).
    11. Fires Systems – Detailed knowledge, experience, and implementation detail of AS Fires based systems and software and their networking integration into the larger Land Combat System (LCS).


  1. An enhanced professional awareness of the following subjects, gained through military service, technical, industry/Vendor, engineering or coalition experience within AHQ, LCD, or their equivalent domains would be advantageous:
  2. Demonstrable experience in the operations, management, training, analysis, repair, rectification and integration of C4 systems and their sub-systems.
  3. Knowledge and understanding of future Land C4 integration and innovation with ADF/OGD/coalition partners (e.g. RAN, RAAF, ABF, AFP, 5EYES).
  4. Land programs and / or Capability Model (i.e. CLC) experience.
  5. Collaboration and stakeholder experience within and across portfolio/program/project areas of department’s domains (e.g. Workshop management, planning forums etc).
  6. Program / project management services delivery.
  7. An awareness of technical systems design, test/evaluation, verification/validation, configuration and risk mitigation methodologies.