Mainframe Applications Developer
22nd May, 2023

Must be able to obtain Negative Vetting Level 1


Mandatory Requirement

• Detailed knowledge of and experience in the design and development software
• Knowledge and experience in successfully setting priorities and delivering quality
results on time and on budget.
• Proven ability to communicate effectively whilst anticipating stakeholder needs
and expectations across a geographically dispersed network.
• Proven analytical abilities with the ability to propose and facilitate change and
contribute to business improvement strategies.
• Demonstrated personal integrity whilst achieving results within legislative and
policy parameters.

• Relevant qualifications in information technology.
• Develops and maintains high quality, robust and scalable enterprise level software
solutions using ADABAS Natural.
• Knowledge of, or ability to, quickly gain knowledge of Australian electoral law and
• Knowledge of, or ability to, quickly gain knowledge of the Commonwealth
frameworks, including ICT frameworks.


The role will be responsible for, but not limited to:
• Apply expertise to enhance and improve existing software, including designing,
developing, implementing and testing software systems, in line with business
requirements and software development standards.
• In collaboration with other teams, investigate and resolve issues with the operation
of an application.
• Address errors by making appropriate changes and rechecking the program to
ensure that the desired results are produced.
• Perform revision, repair, or expansion of existing programs to increase operating
efficiency or adapt to new requirements.
• Provide a high standard of technical and design documentation.
• Assist in the development of specialist and/or technical expertise to less
experienced and more junior developers.
• Contribute to project progress reporting and comply with governance processes.
• Develop and support key internal and external relationships, including managing
stakeholders to achieve work area and agency goals.
• Make and communicate decisions using good judgement, expertise and
knowledge, governed by legislation, regulations, best practice principles or
relevant operating instructions and procedures.
• Contribute to doctrine, election preparation and delivery activities in accordance
with the election readiness framework, according to individual accountabilities and
• Perform additional duties or assume responsibility of functions as directed from
time to time.

You can’t apply as it’s expired.