Procurement Officer
22nd May, 2023

Within the project, the Procurement Officer will be responsible for drafting procurement documentation, coordinating input to reports, records management, tenderer/supplier correspondence, and other administrative support.

Specifically, the Procurement Officer will:

·                  Provide expertise and technical knowledge in procurement to project staff and stakeholders.

·                  Contribute to the development of team objectives for short-term tasks and strategic planning for longer-term initiatives.

·                  Work as part of a multidisciplinary virtual team across Australia and New Zealand.

·                  Produce procurement documents, records, and reports requiring little or no revision before finalisation.

·                  Anticipate and respond to stakeholder needs and expectations.

To be successful in the role, the personnel will be required to:

·                  Apply experience and knowledge of procurement to provide advice and support to the Project team.

·                  Ensure procurements are adequately planned—including resourcing, timeframes, and processes are understood—and executed in accordance with the plan.

·                  Ensure procurements are conducted in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules by consulting with relevant stakeholders and seeking legal advice.

·                  Source information on best practice approaches adopted in both the public and private sectors to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, ethics, and economics of procurements.

·                  Reschedule and reorganise work to reflect changes in priority.

·                  Consult internal experts; tap into their technical and professional knowledge and experience to improve work outcomes for the Project.

·                  Monitor the Project against plans; manage priorities and agree adjustments to milestones as required.

·                  Identify issues and problems and work to resolve them; identify risks and uncertainties and communicate these to the Project team.

Required skills, knowledge, experience and/or qualifications

·                  Relevant certifications/qualifications in the field of procurement (e.g. Certificate IV / Diploma / Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Contract Management).

·                  Demonstrated experience with approach-to-market, contract negotiation, and contract management.

·                  5 years or more of experience working in government procurement.

·                  Demonstrated working knowledge of project management and systems engineering approaches.

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