Product Manager
4th October, 2022




The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) leads the Australian Government’s efforts to improve cyber security. We are part of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) and our role is to help make Australia the most secure place to connect online.


ASD has an ongoing requirement for a Product Manager to work in support of various Cyber projects within an integrated workforce. 


The Product Manager will work in a Program team focused on the delivery of ICT technology products using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and play an integral role in program delivery maintaining the interaction and communication between key business stakeholders and various teams within the Agile Release Train.


Indicative duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Drive product and business planning processes across cross functional teams,
  • Analyse customer needs, current market trends and partnerships from Return on Investment (ROI) and build v buy perspective,
  • Assess supplier or industry partner offerings,
  • Ensure product requirements are met,
  • Maintain product timelines across multiple divisions, and
  • Outline what success looks like.


Key knowledge or experience areas include:

  • Experience managing products from discovery to launch,
  • Knowledge, experience of, and relationships with the technology industry,
  • Delivery of technology to support regulatory decision-making processes, and
  • Experience delivering to the Australian Government/Industry.


All candidates must be Australian Citizens and hold a current NV1 clearance to apply. Please provide the candidate’s AGSVA Clearance Subject (CS) ID in their resume.


Essential criteria

  1. A track record of delivering technology products in large organisations.
  2. Experience leading multi-disciplinary teams that follow agile and user-centered design practices.
  3. Ability to manage a multifaceted role with many different stakeholders.
  4. Experience in developing product roadmaps from discovery through to launch, breaking down large problems into small deliverable increments.
  5. An expert understanding of the customer needs and champion these in all stages of product development: from ideation and discovery through to launch and support, remaining hands-on with the product.


Desirable criteria

  1. Bachelor’s degree in a related field or postgraduate qualifications.
  2. Previous Government experience.