Project Manager (Level 3)
2nd February, 2023


There is a requirement for an experienced Project Manager to undertake project management in AFHQ to make timely and effective capability decisions, the Air Combat Program requires the development of high quality, reliable documentation to capture key information in the Capability Life Cycle (CLC).  


Based at Canberra the Project Manager will report to the Deputy Director. The Project Manager will coordinate ongoing management and delivery of the  respective project tasks and milestones. Project Managers are responsible to ensure a high level of integration and consistency in the management of the  assigned projects and schedules across the Branch and Air Combat Program (ACP) sub-program element.  


Project Managers are responsible to ensure a high level of integration and consistency in the management of multiple projects and schedules across the Branch  and Air Combat Program (ACP) sub-program element.   Tasks will include (but not limited to):  

  • Provide support within the ACP sub-program to the multi-disciplined project teams and coordinate project activities, including working collaboratively  to build and sustain effective relationships, manage resources and project priorities;  
  • Management of schedules, risk, budgets, preparation of briefings, submissions, reports and returns relating to project progress and issues in accordance  with organisational requirements;  
  • Provide direction and clearly articulate goals to achieve project objectives; 
  • Actively manage working relationships to understand stakeholder requirements and expectations with the view or minimise stakeholder risk to scope,  schedule and budget;  
  • Contribute to the development of the team, providing ongoing mentoring, training and professional development; 
  • Support the integration and engagement of the ACP program and project governance framework, ensuring consistency and transparency in reporting  tools and optimum use of functionality;  
  • Identify and interpret relevant legislation, policies, strategies, business and team requirements and apply these to the work area; and 
  • Engage and negotiate with stakeholders on complex issues to achieve business outcomes; and 

Work collaboratively, build and sustain effective relationships.


We are looking for experienced and versatile candidates with experience in project management and associated fields. The individual will be an outstanding communicator and collaborator, who thrives in an evolving workplace.


This task requires individuals with a strong consulting toolkit, including a focus on problem solving, analytical ability, communication skills, and project management expertise. Candidates’ excellent communication skills in written and verbal forms is essential to ensuring they can effectively engage with all stakeholders, including those from non-technical backgrounds, where they will be required to describe complex technical issues, in crisp, concise and accurate forms.  


The fast paced and complex environment demands for a forward leaning, proactive and flexible outlook with the drive and strategic presence to drive projects through to completion.  Project Managers are required to proactively navigate the organisation, forge relationships, identify solutions, educate, and influence and work collaboratively with all stakeholders to support Deputy Directors achieve their defined outcomes.  


NV1 (essential)

NV2 (highly desirable)

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