SAFE/Agile SCRUM master
21st November, 2022

The services will include and not be limited to:

  • Managing the delivery of the scope for the Maritime Advance Project;
  • Providing strategic planning, mapping and modelling development;
  • Managing project activities using established project management methodologies;
  • Developing project documentation to a high standard as specified by the Department’s methodology within identified timeframes;
  • Preparing and maintaining the project schedule;
  • Building and developing stakeholder relationships;
  • Managing project risks and issues and escalate as appropriate;
  • Preparing progress reports;
  • Managing resources for projects;
  • Preparing and managing budgets;
  • Facilitating and conducting progress meetings, presentations and workshops.
  • Developing positive team ethos within the immediate workgroup through positive participation and communication;
  • Developing and maintaining strong effective working relationships with key management personnel and internal client base.

Supplier personnel will be expected to transfer skills and knowledge to departmental staff and ensure appropriate documentation is stored in accordance with the Department’s recordkeeping policy and practices.


Required Documentation

Supplier personnel will be expected to:

  • Produce and provide input into a range of documentation that will be specific to business related outcomes; and
  • Maintain accurate documentation in relation to business and technical requirements.

Documentation may include and not be limited to:

  • Project Initiation Document;
  • Project Schedule;
  • Project Implementation Plan;
  • Project Management Plan;
  • Benefits Management Plan;
  • Stage plan;
  • Baseline Change Requests – as required and if applicable;
  • Statement of Requirements;
  • Transition Plan;
  • Log of all agreed changes to business practices and processes in accordance with the relevant project schedules;
  • Prepare weekly / monthly status progress reports for assigned deliverables;
  • Prepare exception reports as necessary.