SASE IRAP Assessor
13th November, 2023

Location: NSW, VIC



Must hold an NV1 clearance (Company can sponsor this for the duration of the engagement)


Work may be conducted both remotely and from within an office (preferable Melbourne or Sydney)


The company is seeking an IRAP assessor to perform a secure gateway assessment as required by Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF). The assessment should follow the prescribed assessment methodology as described in the Australian Cyber Security Centres (ACSC). It’s expected the IRAP assessor will provide advice on options to resolve any weakness or deficiency identified during assessment.  The assessment package should cover all components that comprise the solution and inherit controls where possible from suppliers or fourth party IRAP assessments.

The Company will provide access to the relevant SMEs to gather evidence for the IRAP assessment package, IRAP reports that cover specific components within this solution i.e., MSP, Azure, and AWS IRAP assessments.

  • All material requested, collected, and produced as part of this body of work may only be viewed, created, and stored on company’s-controlled systems.
  • The assessor shall attend weekly progress update meetings.
  • The assessor shall immediately raise any issue in writing that would result in them not being able to progress the assessment and therefore protracting assessment timeframes.
  • Any personnel will be expected to follow the company’s internal policies and procedures.


You can’t apply as it’s expired.