Senior Business Analyst/Business Architect
23rd July, 2023

Must have a Baseline clearance.


Essential criteria

Please provide a summary of your work experience as a business analyst, particularly your knowledge of various techniques and methodologies and how you have successfully applied these throughout your career.
What is your experience in the capability uplift of others? This could include training, coaching, paired learning and/or participating in activities that promote upskilling and continuous improvement.
What is your experience in facilitation and collaboration? Please provide some examples of how you have designed, lead, and/or facilitated various workshops or knowledge-share activities with stakeholders to ensure a positive and productive outcome.
Describe your experience in producing high quality, concise, easy to read and relevant architecture and analysis documentation.
What kinds of documentation or artefacts have you created and how were they received by your stakeholders?

Desirable criteria

Demonstrated experience working within the Australian Public Service framework at a federal level.
Experience in guiding projects on the adoption of the Australian Government’s Digital Service Standard and the principles behind human-centred design.
Experience with data analytics, including data modelling and data management.