Solution Architect
19th October, 2023

Solution Architect


Security Clerance

Essential: Current and active NV1

Highly desirable: Current and active Top Secret Positive Vetting (TSPV) security clearance OR held a TSPV in the previous 12-month period (which has since lapsed) OR Current active NV2.

Desired: NV1/NV2 security clearance holders with an interest in upgrading to a TSPV clearance, if not already in progress.



The company is looking for the candidate to have relevant qualifications in their nominated skills sets and with between 4 and 8 years of experience in their relevant fields. Experience working in central agencies with complex ICT environments is also desirable. Experience in system design, project planning, data architecture, business transformation or product management is required. Experience working in ISR platforms or systems would be a benefit but are not essential. Sellers have the option to offer alternative skills sets that, in their expert opinions, better meet the desired outcomes, and in a category, they are eligible to offer services in.

  • Analyse and design system of systems interactions and interfaces
  • Work with teams to define the technology and resources that will be used in the design and implementation of complex ICT solutions
  • Assist with modelling activities to describe and support the capability development
  • Interface with the development and engineering teams to ensure architectural issues are resolved during capability development
  • Generate system models, diagrams, user guides and prototypes
  • Support the project leadership as required
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