Support Engineer (SYSP5)
14th March, 2024

Must hold a minimum NV2 clearance.


Required expert knowledge of:

  • The EB2BCom Identity Bridge synchronisation software; and
  • The EB2BCom ViewDS x500 Directory software Suite.


  • In absence of proven application knowledge, the Service Provider must have experience in the following technologies:
    • at least 5 years experience working directly with LDAP and/or x500 directories. Must have experience with schema design and modification, querying and modifying objects over protocol;
    • at least 5 years experience working with SQL writing complex queries;
    • at least 5 years experience working with ETL technologies with evidence of use of languages to manipulate data such: javascript, vbscript, perl, python;
    • at least 5 years experience working in automation technologies such as writing scripts or code/software that automates copying and moving files between servers use of such languages as:






             Proven experience in related technologies or disciplines that ensures an               ability to provide support to the team in the shortest time possible.