Systems Engineer
16th December, 2022
Must have Negative Vetting Level 1.
Essential criteria
  1. Tertiary qualifications in Computer Science, Software Engineering, and/or Systems Engineering
  2. Software development experience (including work done independently or as part of a small team).
Desirable criteria
  1. a. An enhanced professional awareness of the following subjects, gained through experience in producing
    technical documentation
    b. Experience in the use of middleware for distributed applications
  2. a. Extensive Network programming experience, including:
    –  Familiarity with the ethernet/IP headers and packet structuring for the development of inspection and
    filtering rules
    –  Familiarity with writing software linking to raw packet capture libraries (libpcap)
    –  Experience in web front-end development.
  3. a. A background in software development
    b. Experience with unified modelling language
    c. Experience with writing acceptance test procedures
    d. Knowledge of deployable ADF command and control systems.
  4. a. Formal training in (or equivalent experience) in the deployment and administration of large scale
    virtualised environments (ESXi)
    b. Experience with conducting data and configuration management, particularly within documentation;
    software and hardware baselines
    c. Training or certifications in project management or business analysis qualifications.
You can’t apply as it’s expired.