User Researcher
17th June, 2024

Must be able to obtain a Baseline Security Clearance.


The operating environment requires someone who understands when to prioritise speed for timely insights, and when to apply thorough rigour to ensure depth and accuracy of insights, to influence the product’s direction and to support contribution to the program’s research evidence base. 


Key Responsibilities: 

  • Collaborate with multiple product teams to clarify and define research objectives.
  • Plans and carries out research activities to help the team build a deep understanding of the people who use the service.
  • Works with the Product Manager to design research activities to support upcoming features in the roadmap.
  • Grows a qualitative evidence base of contextual user research to guide the team in delivering services which meet user needs.
  • Collaborates with other team members to embed the understanding of users into day-to-day activities.
  • Conducts research to gather insights for product development, and to feed insights into the broader program.
  • Work closely with designers and developers to turn the user data into service requirements that feeds into product development.
  • Present and communicate research insights to key decision-makers and stakeholders.
  • Continuously seek feedback on research endeavours and actively provide feedback to peers.
Selection criteria

1. Strong background working in agile, multi-disciplinary teams in a large-scale digital transformation, and proven expertise in collaborating with diverse, cross-functional product teams

2. Extensive experience using a range of user research methods including which ones to use when prioritising speed, versus rigour

3. Demonstrated ability to transform research insights into actionable product or service improvements

4. Proficiency in presenting complex data in a clear and compelling manner to a range of stakeholders and decision makers

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