Kirra Services – Behind the Scenes

Kirra Services - Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wanted to know what is going on behind the scenes here at the Kirra Services? Well, you’re in luck. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing the inside scoop on how we run things!

It all started five years ago when a group of individuals realised that their company could offer Information Technology and Procurement services to Government, Corporate and the Education sector. Kirra Services is a majority-owned and Supply Nation certified Indigenous information technology company.

Meet our dedicated support team:

Brad Nagle

It all started by our Managing Director – Bradley Nagle – a Bundjalung man. Brad is the majority Indigenous owner, who controls Business Operations, Processes, Customer Relations, Talent Acquisition and Business Development Management.

Sam Faraj

Shoulder to shoulder with Brad comes our Principal Consultant, Sam Faraj. Sam handles Program and Project Management, Strategy and Governance processes and is our Talent Acquisition Mentor. Behind the scenes, Sam likes to make small goods. He loves the art of curing and pickling. He makes his own salami and sausages every year and likes sharing it with family and friends. He’s currently exploring cold smoking where you can turn a simple block of craft cheese into something amazing. 

Dom Polegubic

Dom is the Director of Sales. Dom is responsible for sales team activities, ensuring they meet expected goals. Together with Brad, he manages sales operations for Kirra Services.

Julie Nagle

Julie is a Bundjalung woman living on Yuin country in NSW. Julie has extensive experience and qualifications in coaching, counselling, training and facilitation. These are backed by decades of experience in the public sector supporting the portfolios of employment, education, training, youth and Indigenous Affairs. Julie supports the labour-hire functions of Kirra Services. In her free time, Julie enjoys mountain bike riding.

Ricky Bryan

Ricky is our consultant who is also a former Supply Nation Representative and facilitates contact with First Nations and government groups. Ricky likes to exercise and cook. He tends more to the broad school of Asian cuisines, but he claims that he makes a mean carbonara. He’s currently back swimming after a number of years off and really enjoys both its physical and mental health benefits.

Marina Katic

Marina heads up our procurement and accounts team and brings a wealth of experience in accounting and finance across the public and private sector. Marina is passionate about great customer service and delivering great outcomes. Marina’s hobbies include reading, gardening and hiking, she always gets the kids involved where possible.

Milenko Rogic

Milenko is an account manager, working with quotes and customer support. Along with Dom and Brad, Milenko is responsible for assisting with all customer questions about the products and services the company offers.

Annie McKendrick

Annie has a long career at the executive level in Federal Government and specialises in career coaching, training and development of Reconciliation Action Plans. Annie loves spending time with people. She is currently helping her daughter learn Spanish. Annie is also a trivia tragic. She plays at least once a week. 

Kirra Services - Behind the Scenes
Milenko, Julie, Brad, Sam and Dom at Supply Nation 2022 Event

In summary…

Teamwork is essential to every company’s success. The team at Kirra Services put in a considerable amount of love, sweat and tears into the business providing the best service for you and your teams with IT and Recruitment.

We are humbled to be recongised by industry and are continuously aiming for excellence!


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