The Indigenous Cyber Security Leader of the Year

Brad Nagle our Managing Director was awarded the Indigenous Cyber Security Leader of the Year, honouring his dedication to empowering First Nations communities through the ground-breaking Cyber Career Starter Program.
Australian Cyber Security Awards 2024
Thanks to Trish Y for accepting the award in my absence and to my amazing team for their hard work and support! ~ Brad Nagle

On Thursday night, our Managing Director Brad Nagle received well-deserved recognition for his outstanding contributions to bridging the skills gap and increasing Indigenous participation in the Australian cyber security sector. Brad was awarded the Indigenous Cyber Security Leader of the Year, honouring his dedication to empowering First Nations communities through the groundbreaking Cyber Career Starter Program.


This pioneering initiative not only addresses the critical shortage of trained cybersecurity specialists in Australia but also exemplifies Kirra Services’ commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and community empowerment. The program redefines traditional education barriers by offering a personalised and flexible learning experience tailored to the unique needs and learning styles of students in rural and Indigenous communities.


Brad’s dedication to the success of this program is evident in his pursuit of the best possible outcomes for participants and their communities. By tackling the marginalisation of Indigenous individuals in the growing ICT and cybersecurity fields, the program has significantly impacted lives and fostered growth and inclusivity within the industry. It stands as a beacon of equal opportunity, strengthening the foundation for future innovation and advancement in cybersecurity.

Australian Cyber Security Awards

The Australian Cyber Security Awards recognise the top businesses and professionals in the nation’s cyber sector, highlighting individuals and organisations rather than products and platforms. These awards celebrate all stakeholders in the cyber security supply chain, including those in defence, insurance, cloud services, technology, STEM, consultancy, and ransomware protection. Open to all Australian businesses supporting the cyber security supply chain, these coveted accolades affirm the role of organisations and professionals in the field.


As collaboration becomes the cornerstone of the future cyber industry, we encourage other businesses to connect with Brad and the team at Kirra Services. By supporting our graduates through career pathways, training, and internship opportunities, you can help address the underrepresentation of Indigenous individuals in the ICT and cybersecurity sectors. This vision of a continuously learning, communicative, collaborative, and ethically minded workforce will create a more robust cybersecurity industry.


Brad and the Team at Kirra Services wish to express our sincere gratitude for selecting us for this award. This recognition means a great deal to us. We thank our dedicated team, partners and clients for all their hard work and support. We are especially proud of our efforts in working to develop capabilities with First Nations People and addressing the cyber skills shortage. This achievement reflects our collective effort and shared vision.


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