What is DISP?

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What is DISP?

The Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) enables businesses to deal directly with the Australian Department of Defence whilst assuring the integrity of potentially sensitive Defence intellectual property. The program aligns business practices with a series of security standards, which are prerequisite for access to Defence contracts.

It is open to any Australian business looking to become part of the Defence supply chain and serves as a layer of security assurance.

DISP memberships are awarded at differing levels based on the sensitivity of the Defence contract. Higher levels of DISP membership enable members to support more sensitive contracts.

Why is DISP Important?

Any Australian business looking to become part of the Defence supply chain must obtain membership.
Defence is starting to “clamp down” on this requirement, and Kirra is randomly queried if we have accreditation.

There are significant benefits of the DISP membership, including:

  • Improved security operating environment for your business.
  • Ability to sponsor your own security clearances (not available for Entry Level membership).
  • Opportunities to access international contracts.
  • Security training and materials, including cyber training.
  • Advice and analysis on the latest security trends and threats.

DISP Membership Levels

There are four key categories that the DISP will assess you against:
1.Personnel Security
2.Physical Security
3.Information & Cyber Security
4.Security Governance

These categories will be assessed against your level of membership, where the higher the level of membership, the more rigorous the assessment. These levels include:
  • Entry Level = Official/Official: Sensitive
  • Level 1 = Protected
  • Level 2 = Secret
  • Level 3 = Top Secret

Currently Kirra sits at the DISP membership Level 2.

What Does DISP Membership Require?

DISP membership requires an enterprise approach to security planning. Enterprise security planning delivers the following:
  • Analyses the flow of Defence intellectual property as it moves through your organisation
  • Identifies what components of intellectual property require protection
  • Models security threats across the physical, human and information domains
  • Captures and prioritises security risk
  • Integrates the security enterprise across physical, human and information domains
  • Targets scarce security resources for best effect
  • Responds in a deliberate and controlled manner to threats


Whilst there are no costs associated with the DISP application process – or the certification and accreditation of facilities by Defence – there are costs associated with:
  • Implementing the required security measures for accreditation; and
  • Obtaining security clearances for personnel (where necessary).

Businesses should only submit their applications once they meet all of the requirements for the DISP membership level they want to achieve.

How can Kirra Services help?

Kirra has internally gone through the DISP process and have helped others achieve their DISP certification.
We don’t just offer services around the ICT component but the whole end to end DISP application and security uplift.

We simplify and assist with the process to reduce the total cost to your organisation.

It is not a quick process, but any Australian business looking to become part of the Defence supply chain must obtain DISP membership.
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