Kirra Services Places 4th in the CRN FAST50 for 2021

CRN Fast 50 Awards 2021

After coming 3rd last year and a 288% growth this year, It’s been a great year for Kirra Services and we’re truly humbled to be placed 4th in the latest CRN Fast 50 Awards with the highest ever placing for any Indigenous company. 

Founded by Brad Nagle in 2017, Kirra Services is a proud First Nations ICT provider. It offers a comprehensive range of ICT solutions and recruitment services. With borders closed to international talent and businesses dramatically increasing the velocity of their digital transformations, Brad Nagle and his team are in one of the hottest segments in the market, and one of the most challenging, technology recruitment.

“We established Kirra Services after the Indigenous Procurement Policy was established. I’d been working for an IT company and taking some time off with my family and I was looking to get back into the IT industry and as part of that I’d been looking for an opportunity to start my own business. So it was a good time to do that and we’ve had great success.” ~ Brad Nagle

The company’s directors all come from a small business background, and one of the early decisions was to focus on working with government customers.

“We’d come through the ranks of small to medium business and worked with a lot of smaller businesses and some lessons learned from that with this business. We were going to try to focus on the federal government and some of the larger corporate companies. Obviously, the IPP was something that gave us some direction there but from the get-go, we did make a conscious decision to work solely with government.” ~ Brad Nagle

Previous experience working with government clients helped drive the decisions.

“We worked with several small government contracts. I worked on the early Group A contract many years ago and for one of the other resellers quite a few years ago and some of the problems that we had with some of the clients we worked with, we came to, I guess try a different direction. For me, it was an opportunity to be able to use some of the opportunities that we had working with the government departments to work with communities. So it wasn’t just a great opportunity to chase more government work, but also an opportunity to be able to bring some good from those opportunities by giving back to the community which has been our core focus from day one, that’s always been at the forefront of our decisions.” ~ Brad Nagle

“We always are on the look-out for opportunities that we can provide back to a community. We work with a number of small organisations and we’ve contributed to a number of Indigenous organisations financially and through time and that’s our primary focus now and in the future. So, in five years’ time, the core focus will remain the same.” ~ Brad Nagle

While the public sector remains a core focus, Kirra Services is also having success with larger companies.

“A majority of our work was through government departments, the federal government. We did see some work this year through some of the larger corporates, as they’ve established their reconciliation action plans. They were helped to be able to assist with their targets. There were a number of organisations or large corporates that we’ve been working with for a couple of years to try and establish some opportunities with them and this year we were able to bring that to fruition. They have been quite eager to learn how we’ve been contributing to the community and instead of just asking the value of whoever’s got the cheapest price, they’ve been looking to see how their money is going to be put back into the community and see genuine interest from the reconciliation teams.” ~ Brad Nagle

The upheaval of the pandemic has also seen the business adapt.

“This year we did do a bit more in the pro services space, so we were able to work with our vendors as well, to not only supply the software but to also supply pro services for the implementation and the design of those solutions. So I think that was something that we’ve had an evolution with this year. We like to think that’s come off the back of the Fast50 last year and the Impact Awards this year but the vendors are recognizing that we do have something to bring to the table.” ~ Brad Nagle

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